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Ann Smith

Law Clerk


(226) 781-7582



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Ann completed her Honours Diploma in Paralegal Studies at Westervelt College in 1999.


Immediately after completing her degree, Ann joined Lexcor Business Lawyers LLP where she has remained to this date. Ann provides a full range of corporate services, including incorporations, amendments, amalgamations, revivals, organization and annual maintenance.  Additionally, Ann is involved with all aspects of corporate, commercial, financing, security and real estate transactions; including searches, registrations, closing and reporting.  Ann is a Commissioner of Oaths, allowing her to commission documents for clients.


For over 30 years Ann has volunteered within the co-op housing sector in the city of London. In her spare time, Ann enjoys adventures with her children and grandchildren, long walks, reading, traveling and any time at all spent on the water.

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